Kings & Kennedys

King Krule. Easy Easy

The voice that comes outta this dude blows my mind.  Sexy sexy…

M.I.A. Only 1 U

Finally got around to checking out Matangi, M.I.A’s new album, and it shows itself to be a work of art to say the least.  Been listening to it for a couple hours and this track stood out immediately along with track titled “aTENTion”.  Returning to true MIA form, spitting lyrics, stuttered vocals, and odd sounds and crashing snatches that collect together to form eargasms that are infectious and uplifiting.  It’s a real treat if you’re tired of the same old shit, music can really be just as cliched as literature in my opinion and it’s refreshing to hear something a little more challenging.  This is an album that introduces itself to you, and I’m glad to get to know it.

Wanderlust by Sunström

Think, Sneaker Pimps meets Jefferson Airplane. Does that not turn you on, because it should. Very interesting combinations of elements here, and i’ll be stoked to hear more.

Beaches be Trippin by Balue.

All the students are coming back from spring break and i’ve been here the whole time…

Glass Animals. Gooey.

Just a little smthin smthin to mellow out to at the end of the day.

Snk-NoahLowe by CRLSS

The Righteous Brothers. Unchained Melody

Today’s a day for delving back into the golden oldies of the 50’s and 60’s.  Nothing makes you feel like the world is sweetly ending like a smartly dressed crooner, crooning. 

Benefit of having a father born in the 30’s, I got to grow up listening to Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, which thankfully I’ve learned to appreciate.  There’s a lot of nostalgia here…

I’m So Glad. Entrance

I fucking hate it when movies make me cry, but Her sure punched me straight in both eyeballs.  Also, great fucking score. The whole movie looked like pale pieces of citrus, delicately draped over the antiqued silver of some sort of gleaming robot who’s been programmed to love you, but slowly becomes self aware. 

Hey hey  don’t they say, when you look into the abyss it also looks back into you? 

Time to go to bed.

This track is so rad.

Lykke Li has a new album out on the 5th of May…

Firecracker by Balue

Balue never fails to impress. Always on point with that sweet summer vibin. 

Tracks like this are the ones that make all the forays into bandcamp worth it.