Kings & Kennedys

Dearly Departed by Shakey Graves

Fuck yeah, new album out soon. Pre-order on Bandcamp

Nicki Minaj. Pills N Potions

The camera quality reminds me of that video Erykah Badu did with Flaming Lips, also, totally digging the vocal transitions.  

Molten liquid never looked so sexy.  

Spaghetti Western music.  Epic voice.  Guns and a dude named lonesome billy.  You can’t go wrong.  

The Field - The little heart beats so fast
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One of the most overlooked releases, but my favorite after the fancy Fear of Men LP variant, was the first time release of From Here We Go Sublime by The Field on vinyl.  Originally released in 2007, From Here We Go Sublime was the first full length release by The Field.  A minimal electronic/ambient masterpiece clocking in at over an hour of space aged sounds that never cease to hypnotize me.  Considering the demand by fans, its surprising it took Kompakt this long to release it to wax.  This is also another great post RSD purchase that won’t break your bank or contribute to the soulless ebay flippers.

The Field - From Here We Go Sublime 2XLP is on Ltd 180g vinyl + CD is available directly from Kompakt here or figuring exchange rates and international shipping, there’s a few copies on discogs for about the same if you’re ordering in the states.

Fluorescent Dreams by Andrew Scandal

Found via Sound of Boston. I’m all about some Boston right now.

This track made me immediately think of that moment in Willy Wonka where everybody is on the boat and they’re entering the tunnel from the chocolate river.

The colors condense, the mood shifts, something eerie blooms into being. Gene Wilder’s eyes glitter and a mad half smile flowers, he starts singing demonic gibberish at them with rising fervor—you can see that a lot of them are really seeing him for the first time. The little orange people’s arms frantically windmill, propelling everybody further into electric shadows, maybe it’s fluorescent dreams we’re seeing?

Interpret that in the best way possible, may Andrew Scandal never meet me IRL and punch me in the tooth for comparing him to Willy Wonka.

Have at, ya’ll

If bittersweet nostalgia had a sound this would be it.

Your Old One. Faces On Film

Apache Relay. Katie Queen Of Tennessee